Industrial & Commercial Chain Link

Commercial Chain Link

Commercial Case Study: McDonalds & Midas Parking Lot

Midas needed to stop any cars sliding into McDonald's wood fence and prevent accidental contact. A Guiderail was installed and the problem is solved. Combinations with innovative products such as our engineered steel posts let you design a system that will meet local wind-load requirements and produce a longer life. Finally, they are very easy to repair and maintain.

Commercial Case Study: Bank

At this construction site chain link fence posts were welded to the steel shoring. Then the chain link mesh was installed to prevent anyone from falling into the 100 foot hole. A 40 foot wide cantilever slide gate was installed for the heavy flow of construction vehicles constantly coming to and going from the downtown site.

Chain Link: Economical

Due to its strength and durability, chain-link is one of the most economical types of fencing available and preferred to define and protect property lines. For privacy, different types of decorative slats are available in a variety of colors to create an attractive screen. Snow, silt & plastic safety fence are also available.

  • Galvanized or vinyl coated in many colours.
  • Different Fabric & Post Sizes available.
  • Indoor and Outdoor enclosures.
  • Cantilever, overhead track & swing gates available.